Campus Cleaning Services

Off-Campus Cleaning Program

By eliminating unwanted graffiti, litter, weeds, and trash in the public right of way, your campus stays green, clean, and full of school pride.

Advanced Campus Cleaning Services

Details matter. Most often cities don’t have the resources available to keep up with the cleaning demands and expectations that campus administrators may have of high-traffic areas adjacent to campus. At the same time, the institution’s grounds team is focused on ensuring the campus is in top condition. Block by Block can be a cost-effective supplement to your grounds team, allowing them to maintain their focus on campus projects and services. Some of the services provided by Cleaning Ambassadors include:

  • Litter Removal – From sidewalks and grounds along with the emptying of public receptacles
  • Attention to Detail Services – To include wiping trash cans, kiosks, and other public fixtures
  • Power Washing – Of public sidewalks and gathering areas
  • Responsive Services – An extra set of hands for setting up outdoor venues and public spaces at large-scale events such as Welcome Week, Homecoming, or Commencement.

A Campus Environment Worth Sharing

A clean campus creates a trickle effect. As your campus environment gets a little greener and a little cleaner, people begin to feel safer and spend more time on campus.

The increase in positive attitudes and activity on campus tends to lead to a higher appreciation of your school, more excitement from possible new students, and a stronger reputation as a college or university worth attending.

Our cleaning ambassadors take pride in making your campus look and feel brand new. We understand the impact of well-maintained college or university, and work hard to keep our designated areas in and around campus looking their best.