Campus Hospitality Services


Off-Campus Hospitality Programs

A friendly face goes a long way. Bring a new energy to your college experience with Ambassadors who proactively engage students, faculty, alumni, and guests. Ambassadors will connect with businesses that are adjacent to, and serve the campus community.

Building Your Community

Students hope to find a campus they can call home. So, we are intentional about introducing ourselves, getting to know your students, faculty, and staff, and becoming the face of your college or university.

We reach out to answer any questions, connect students to campus activities or organizations, provide directions and insight, and just give a warm welcome to brighten the day.


Improving Your Campus Reputation

Our hospitality programs are designed to add a level of friendliness and interaction that sets your campus experience apart from others. As always, campus hospitality programs are designed to provide a reassuring presence as a secondary benefit.

We aim to redefine the public perception of your institution and make you known as the campus that welcomes all. In our experience serving both downtown districts and campuses across the nation, we have discovered that friendly, active ambassadors are one of, if not the, best ways to build your reputation as the place to be.

Becoming Your College or University

Our high-quality hospitality services are achieved by taking ownership. We take pride in the schools we partner with.

By training to own the job, our employees truly do become ambassadors who belong to your school. They are proud to wear your logo and colors and represent your institution’s brand and core values everyday.