Campus Safety Services


Surround Your Campus with Safety

There is a need for safety around your campus. Students and staff spend an enormous amount of time right off campus — traveling to and from classes, going to social gatherings, and living and working.

We increase your university’s safety from the outside-in. By actively keeping your community safe around campus, your school’s safety perceptions and realities can be transformed.

Partnership with Campus Security

We partner with campus security and local law enforcement to bring a powerful, additional set of eyes and ears to areas that need some designated attention.

By identifying and patrolling off-campus areas and other high-trafficked student areas like student housing, we can expand the scope of your students’ protection and continue to deter crime with a visible presence.

We report any incidents to either your campus police or local law enforcement, and manage the situation until they arrive to enforce your city or campus’s disciplinary policies.


Safety Services

Our safety ambassadors proactively engage your community to provide a friendly face and assistance as needed. Our safety programs add value by:

  • Adding a highly-visible presence in strategic areas around your campus.
  • Connecting with the public to create a friendly campus atmosphere and provide directions, recommendations, or assistance.
  • Escorting students or faculty off-site to ensure they reach their destination safely.
  • Reporting activities to provide you with trends and data that will provide valuable insight about safety concerns around campus.
  • Becoming the caring faces of your university brand.