Why Block by Block Campus Services?

How much time do you spend dealing with off-campus issues?

Every day your institution faces real challenges beyond the boundaries of campus.

  • Students’ perception of their own personal safety
  • Public space concerns (i.e. burned out street lights)
  • Deterring crimes so students don’t become victims
  • No university exposure in off-campus areas
  • Consistent communication with concerned neighbors

Give it to the Ambassadors!

We deploy off-campus Ambassadors to colleges and universities like yours to provide:

After Hours and Off-Site Safety Escorts

An enormous amount of student activity occurs right off campus at local businesses or student housing. We patrol these areas and maintain a public presence to deter crime and provide assistance to both students and faculty. This raises safety perceptions for parents, students, and campus employees, which can have a positive impact on your college or university’s reputation, enrollment, and funding.

Daily Positive Interactions with Students

Our ambassadors take pride in their campuses and truly aim to bring the community together by helping anyone in need. By offering directions, a warm welcome, or school activity recommendations, ambassadors establish relationships with your students and share the spirit of your university. The goal is to make your campus atmosphere a brighter place with hospitality.

Additional Eyes and Ears for Campus Police

We partner with local law enforcement and campus police to act as an additional set of eyes and ears and be a visible presence both on and off campus. Our ambassadors report off-campus issues to your campus police and provide additional assistance as needed. Meanwhile, adding our brightly-colored, institution-branded uniformed staff to your environment helps discourage criminal activity.

Reporting and Fixing Maintenance Issues in Public Rights of Way

Graffiti, litter, discarded handbills — you name it and we’ll take care of it. We make significant efforts to beautify your campus and its surrounding areas by daily cleaning. Our belief is that a cleaner, greener, brighter campus leads to a safer campus.

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