University of Cincinnati safety ambassadors promote campus resources


University of Cincinnati Safety Ambassadors Raise Campus Safety Awareness

Our University of Cincinnati safety ambassadors have partnered with the University Police Department and Student Safety Board in a collaborative effort to ignite awareness among students to promote safety resources on campus.

The organizations have combined forces to create a “safety table” in residence halls Wednesday and Thursday. According to The News Record, University of Cincinnati’s independent newspaper, Dave Hoffman, UC crime prevention officer stated, “The purpose of the safety table is to educate students, faculty, staff and parents on UCPD’s activity and to ensure a safe environment on campus and within the surrounding community.”

The University of Cincinnati safety ambassadors are working with UC on a, ‘Be Smart. Be Safe’ initiative to encourage students to make smart and safe decisions on and around campus.

Read more at The News Record.

Photo courtesy of Coulter Loeb, The News Record Staff Photographer.

Block by Block University of Cincinnati ambassadors contribute to 5-year low in crime


University of Cincinnati Ambassadors to Protect the Campus

As part of a push for student safety and reducing crime, University of Cincinnati hired Block by Block Ambassadors in the spring to patrol the Short Vine and U Square districts near campus. The university reports crime is at a 5-year low.

A month into the school year, the University of Cincinnati experienced 18 violent crimes, most of which occurred off-campus. To combat this issue, the campus quickly enlisted the help of Block by Block to create a team of University of Cincinnati ambassadors.

These ambassadors will work alongside campus security to patrol and be an active presence in off-campus areas still heavily frequented by students. This will help to create an overall safer atmosphere for the university.

“We are preventative, but as we learn our neighborhood and what’s around our patrol area, we change our habits,” Patrol Supervisor Markita Coach said. “It’s never to be more aggressive, but it’s to be more social.”

The ambassadors also aim to provide friendly services to locals and visitors in order to improve the social environment and provide assistance as needed.

Read more and watch the video about the program at WCPO Cincinnati.

University of Cincinnati Ambassadors Introduce Safety

University of Cincinnati Ambassadors Protect Campus

Welcome the New University of Cincinnati Ambassadors

WKRC Cincinnati, Local 12, reports that University of Cincinnati ambassadors are being introduced to patrol the campus and maintain safety. The men and women in red jackets are not about making arrests, but will be looking out for the young people engaging in risky behavior and will be in direct contact with the police.

The ambassadors will utilize the experience of Block by Block downtown improvement district programs. They will act as both an extra set of eyes and ears for campus security, and provide a visible deterrent against crime around the university.

The goal of the new University of Cincinnati Ambassadors is to change the community around the university and redefine safety for the campus and surrounding areas. Read More at Local 12.