From the campuses we serve

Hear about our highly customized programs and the impact they make everyday straight from the source.

  • 1,006 safety escorts
  • 97 police requests
  • 58 fire/ems requests
  • 1,337 public intoxication assists
  • 4,186 hospitality assists
  • 1,303 motorists assists

University of Cincinnati

22 Blocks — 6 Ambassadors — Serving since 2014

Our safety ambassadors work closely with the Cincinnati Police and University of Cincinnati Police departments to benefit those who live, work, or attend school at the university. Patrolling on foot, bike, and Segway, ambassadors offer help to the public, deter unwanted activity, report suspicious behavior, and deal with quality of life issues.

“Our two children are graduates of UC; one has a BA and MA and the other has a BA and a JD. Our son-in-law also has a degree (BA) from UC. Years ago (60’s) I did graduate studies in mathematics at the University. Presently, our granddaughter is a full-time student in her second year at UC and lives on Ohio Avenue. We are so pleased to hear from her of the presence of the UC Security Ambassadors in areas surrounding the campus. Her first-hand introduction to a force member on the street brought greater peace of mind to her and to her extended family. Also, we were happy to learn that additional lighting had been added to the area. Thank you for this service to the student body, to their families and to the community. This is truly a ministry worthy of our great University of Cincinnati.”

— Grandparent and Alumnus

The University of Akron

82 Blocks — 9 Ambassadors — Serving since 2014

We know a prestigious university like The University of Akron requires a high-level of quality cleaning, safety, and hospitality services, so we put special care into keeping the campus vibrant and welcoming for staff and students everyday.

My name is Carolina and I’m a student at The University of Akron. The other night I was walking home from a friends and one of your employees, Jeff, was so kind as to offer to walk me and my friend home. It made me so much more comfortable and made me feel safe. Thank you for your efforts to make the University a safer place.

— Carolina, Student

I just wanted to say that one of your employees, Matthew, did an excellent job tonight. He graciously offered to walk me to my apartment. He was very polite and made me more comfortable walking off campus at night. I will definitely use Block by Block again in the future.

— Morgan, Student

I have been escorted home on many different occasions and I have felt much more comfortable than on my own. Everyone on your team is very kind and helpful and they make me feel safe. Thank you so much for all that you do. P.S. My parents really appreciate this as well, so their “baby girl” doesn’t have to walk home alone.

— Lexa, Student

  • 2,234 safety escorts
  • 46 police requests
  • 78 public intoxication assists
  • 30 street light outages repaired
  • 3,124 shadow escorts
  • 940 hospitality assists
  • 48 public indecency assists
  • 6,788 meet and greets
  • 23 graffiti reports